A Couple Of Important Hot Tub Questions You Might Want Answered

Posted on: 10 April 2015


Investing in a hot tub can be an excellent way of helping to ensure that you and your family are comfortable and well-entertained at your home. In addition to these entertainment benefits, a hot tub can also provide therapeutic relief for those with chronic pain, and it can also boost the value of your home. Yet, there are many people that have never owned a hot tub before, and if you are one of these people, you may need some questions answered if you have recently acquired a home with a hot tub. 

Why Do You Need To Regularly Drain Your Hot Tub?

It may seem like you should be able to just add chemicals to the hot tub's water to keep it clean, but this is not actually the case. As time progress, the bacteria and algae in the hot tub can develop an immunity to the chemicals you use to sanitize it, and this can lead to your water becoming extremely unpleasant. 

As a result of this phenomena, you are advised to completely drain and clean the hot tub at least once every few months. This process will remove any organisms that are resistant to your cleaning chemicals, and it will ensure that you always have clean water when you want to use the hot tub.

Why Is The Pump Making A Grinding Sound?

The primary pump is one of the most important components of your hot tub because it is responsible for circulating the warm water and chemicals throughout the tub. Unfortunately, these devices can encounter problems that will cause them to malfunction. In particular, it is not uncommon for the pump to start making a grinding sound when these problems are starting to develop. 

Sadly, there is no simple way to diagnose the problem from this sound because a pump may make these noises when it is low on water, has debris in it, a loose part of any other variety of causes. Therefore, if you notice this sound coming from your pump, you should immediately turn it off and contact an experienced repair professional. By having this problem addressed soon after it develops, you can help protect your pump from further damage, and you can minimize the disruption to your enjoyment from the hot tub. 

A hot tub can be a wonderful luxury for almost any home, but these devices require special care to keep them in working condition. Sadly, some people may not understand what caring for a hot tub entails, but learning the importance of changing the water and what to do when the pump makes a grinding sound will help you avoid problems that can ruin your experience with the hot tub or force you to pay for expensive repairs. For assistance, talk to a professional like Anchor Pools & Spas.