5 Reasons To Hire A Swimming Pool Management Company

Posted on: 15 April 2015


Community and municipal pools are a wonderful place for residents to enjoy time as a family or fit in daily exercise during the summer. But operating a public pool is a big job, one which many community centers or cities do not feel well prepared to take on themselves. Luckily, there are swimming pool management companies that can take care of every aspect of running a safe public pool center. The top reasons to hire a swimming pool management company include:

Pre-Season Pool Opening Services

Since most public pools are not open year round, certain tasks must be performed before a pool opens for the warm summer months. A pool management company will conduct a full inspection of the pool to ensure that the plumbing system is in good working order and all pool equipment works properly. If your community pool needs to be acid cleaned, your management company can facilitate the task. 

Pool Maintenance

Public pools are typically large, and they require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean. When you hire a swimming pool management company, they will take care of all aspects of pool maintenance. You can count on them to make sure the chemical levels are correct and that the pool is cleaned regularly. 

Lifeguard Training and Management

Safety is incredibly important at a public pool, so having a full staff of highly qualified lifeguards is essential. A pool management company will implement the hiring, training, and management of the lifeguard staff for the duration of the time that the pool is open. Lifeguards will most likely need to be certified in CPR and also successfully pass an exam at the end of training to ensure that they have the skills needed to protect swimmers.

Safety Auditing

 Since safety is so important at a public pool complex, a swimming pool management company will typically conduct safety audits to ensure that the facility is as safe as possible. These audits are usually unannounced, and will look at everything from lifeguard performance to the upkeep of the facility, and any potential disasters. If a pool complex does not pass every aspect of a safety audit, your pool management company will rectify the problems immediately.

End of Season Closing Tasks

When the summer season ends, many public pools close for the fall and winter. You can count on your pool management company to prepare the pool complex for cold whether, ensuring that everything will be ready for the following summer swimming season.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed by the large job of taking care of your public swimming pool, it's time hire an experienced swimming pool management company to take care of things for you.