3 Common Swimming Pool Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 24 August 2015


Having a swimming pool in your backyard allows you to cool off on hot days, get in a fun workout, and have family fun. However, this is a big purchase and major investment and should be treated as such. It is not a decision to be taken lightly or to rush into. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes when purchasing your swimming pool and having it installed.

Choosing the Contractor With the Lowest Bid

While it is tempting to go with the lowest bid since it seems like you will pay less for the swimming pool, this is often not the case. It is possible that a contractor with a low bid simply has lower prices and still does a good job, but do your research first. Pay attention to the experience of that contractor, read reviews from previous customers, and find out exactly what materials they use. High-quality materials will cost more, which is why going with a higher bid isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Ignoring the Pool During the Winter

When you decide to make this investment, be sure you are prepared for maintenance and upkeep every month of the year, not just during the summer months when it will be used the most. Swimming pools can't just be covered and left alone for months at a time in the winter or when you won't be using it much. You still need to have your swimming pool cleaners and maintenance professionals come out to the pool to clean it, test the water chemicals, and add new chemicals to keep out algae and bacteria. Even with a good cover, bacteria can grow and destroy the swimming pool structure.

Not Focusing on The Details

Lastly, be sure you aren't just choosing a swimming pool based on how it looks or because the size fits well with your backyard. There are many other details to consider past the initial installation. For example, are you prepared for year-round maintenance costs for your pool after it has been installed? If not, you need to learn how to maintain it on your own, including using pumps and filters, knowing how to test chemical levels, and how to clean it properly. Also consider the hydraulic design and take into consideration how much water will be used and if you live somewhere dealing with a drought. In addition, don't forget about the size of yard you need for the deck area and spa if you decide to add one.

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