2 Great Wood Species For Outdoor Furniture

Posted on: 20 October 2015


When buying or building outdoor furniture, it is important that you use the right type of wood. Not all woods are great in outdoor settings because they can warp when the temperature or moisture content of the air changes. This is obviously problematic for furniture that will always be exposed to the sun and rain. Here are 2 species of wood that are practical, stylish, and ideal for outdoor furniture construction.


Teak has long been a favorite wood for the construction of outdoor furniture. It is popular because it requires virtually no maintenance. Teak wood has tight grains and it has a very smooth finish. This means it is essentially waterproof. Most woods have issues with warping and swelling when the get wet--not so with teak furniture. In fact, it does not even need to be stained in order to have a waterproof finish. This is just one of the reasons that teak is such a expensive species of wood. But, look on the bright side, you won't spend much money repainting or waterproofing your teak over the years.

One special characteristic of teak is that it forms a patina as it ages. Over the years, the wood will form a gray sheen that many people find desirable. If you want to maintain the original (browner) color of the teak wood, you could stain it with a clear coat. This would prevent the patina from forming, but it is unnecessary when it comes to the finish and waterproof capabilities of the wood.


Cedar is another type of wood that is popular for outdoor furniture. Cedar trees typically grow in moist climates, so it is a species that can withstand water damage. Like teak, cedar does not shrink or swell when it gets wet. Many people love cedar because it has a more traditional lumber look. It has looser grains and has a more natural wooden tint (compared to teak). It is well liked because it can be stained better. Rather than the patina of teak, you can stain your cedar with a tinted sealant that gives each piece of furniture a unique look. As an added benefit, these sealants also help protect the wood and makes them stain resistant (so they are ideal for outdoor tables).

Cedar and teak are obviously both great woods for stylish outdoor furniture. Choose the species that fits best with your personal style.