4 Common Above-Ground Pool Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 16 December 2015


Whether you already own an above-ground pool or are looking to have one installed at your home in the near future, it's very important to realize that there are some special considerations and maintenance needs that should be followed with an above-ground pool as opposed to a traditional in-ground pool. Specifically, there are a few mistakes you'll want to be careful to avoid when using and maintaining your above-ground pool.

Kicking Off the Sides

An above-ground pool, when properly installed, is plenty sturdy to handle typical swimming activities. However, unlike an in-ground pool, there isn't quite as much wall support with an above-ground model. This means that swimmers should be advised against kicking off the sides of the pool to gain momentum while swimming. Enough repeated force against the wall of a pool can lead to a collapse, which can be dangerous for everybody in the water.

Standing on Pool Edges

Above-ground pool edges aren't designed to hold the weight of a person. In fact, standing or walking on them can compromise the structure of the pool and create a serious slipping hazard. Only enter an above-ground pool using a ladder or adjacent deck that's been specifically built around the pool's perimeter to provide easy, safe access for swimmers.

Draining Water Completely

When you close an above-ground pool for the winter, you should drain the water line to a few inches below the skimmer; this will ensure that water doesn't enter and freeze inside the pump, hoses, or other pool components. However, an above-ground pool shouldn't be completely drained of water at any time unless it is done by a professional. The pool's structure relies on the weight and volume of the water, so total draining can create danger of collapse.

Neglecting Landscaping

Last but not least, make sure to keep up with the landscaping around your pool. Believe it or not, grass can grow through your pool liner and cause leaks. Furthermore, stickers on weeds and even thorns on a nearby rose bush can pose a threat to your above-ground pool's liner. This is why it's so important to hire a professional pool company that'll completely flatten and tamp the land where your pool will be installed. Doing so will prevent unwanted growth of grass under the pool and ensure that your above ground pool is completely level, thus reducing chances of damage or other problems down the road.