Want A Clean Pool Free Of Frogs? 3 Ways To Safely Keep Them Out

Posted on: 28 September 2016


Maintaining your swimming pool may sound like it has mostly to do with balancing the water chemicals, keeping the water clear, and picking out debris that may have fallen in from your landscaping. While all this is true, you need to also consider the chance that frogs can get into your pool. If you're frustrated with cleaning out frogs or simply don't want them swimming in your pool, you need to look into what you can do to keep them out or have professional pool cleaners that can help with keeping frogs out.

Consider Adding a Barrier Around the Pool

The first thing you should consider when you're worried about frogs getting into your pool is having a barrier put in. A barrier doesn't need to be very large for it to be effective, making it a smart addition to your swimming pool since it provides an extra obstacle to frogs that may be interested in taking a swim in your pool.

When choosing a barrier, opt for something that isn't very tall so that you can still get in and out of your pool with ease. The barrier should also fit in with the style of your pool so that it doesn't stick out too drastically, while still serving its purpose.

Make It Easier for Frogs to Hop Out

While a barrier around your pool can certainly help out in cutting down the number of frogs you see taking a dip, they can still get in if they are determined. With this in mind, you should make sure that any frogs that get in can still get out without any trouble. Having a shallow area in your pool can make it easy for frogs to get a grip and jump out without harming themselves. This will make your pool much safer for the frogs and reduce the likeliness of frogs dying in your pool.

Cut Down on Landscaping That Can Attract Frogs

When you want to cut down on frogs in your yard and near your pool, you need to make sure that your landscaping isn't the culprit. Some landscaping can have a lot of rocks and shrubs for frogs to hide in, making it a good idea to keep this kind of landscaping to a minimum.

As you make plans for landscaping around your swimming pool and consider what needs to be done to keep your pool clean, make sure you have some plans for keeping frogs out as well. To have your pool serviced, contact a company like Mannix Pools.